Getting Started

Cart Saver


For most stores, the automatic installation should work. If it doesn't work for you, or if you would like a custom installation, the following steps will take you through the process.

Step 1

From the Shopify admin, open the menu labeled "Online Store" and navigate to the theme page.

Step 2

Click the button to customize your current theme.

Step 3

In the bottom left of the customization window, click the selector labeled "Theme actions" and select the option to edit code.

Step 4

You should now see a list of theme files that you can edit from your browser. Open the file for your cart and add the following button on the page.

`<a href="/a/saved-carts/new">Save Cart</a>`

Most likely you'll want to include it grouped with existing buttons on your cart page. Make sure to save!

Step 5

This step will depend largely on your theme, but you'll want to add a link somewhere so customers can view their saved carts. By default, the path is `{YOUR-STORE-URL}/a/saved-carts`.